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  • Shanyu Lake Villa
    Shanyu Lake Villa
    Shanyu Lake villa indoor whole house installation example. Installation of many styles of products, there are Great Wall board, small Great Wall, 188 molding board, 300 board, 600 board, solid wall board, metal lines, light belt and other products, in each area to show different effects, we can also provide design services. About color deviation:All color films are professionally shot by a photographer with professional equipment and color corrected against the actual product under 5200K lighting. However, due to differences in indoor lighting, personal display screen types, and display devices, color deviations from the actual product are unavoidable during viewing. All colors are subject to the actual product. Living room - The use of 600 boards and solid large board collocation, PVC film,the color is MH-749, LightGray,giving a feeling of simple atmosphere,the whole living room was imbued with an air of refinement. Elevator waiting area and stairwell - -the use of 600 board plus floor line, PP film, leather grain, color MH-5022, the use of gentle color, the affinity of the home will be immediately apparent. Master bedroom - The decoration style of the second floor master bedroom is simple and generous, with solid colors as the main tone. 600 plate with grille plate, casual and elegant, the use of PP film, the color is MH-5012 and MH-2007. Play area - The use of oval hole 600 plate and 188 molding board up and down, light red cloth film and wood film, quiet but light red give people full of vitality, PVC film, color MH-747 and MH-621. Gym - All use grille board, wood grain color with light belt, PVC film, color is MH-642.
  • Fuxi mansion restaurant project
    Fuxi mansion restaurant project
    Video Introduction · Banquet hall-Use pure white wood grain collocation, simple and not simple. · Lounge - Use the same color wall panel of the cabinet, which is harmonious and consistent. ·VIP Lounge - Use the same color wallboard to highlight the softness. · VIP Lounge - Use the fabric series with exquisite texture. · Corridor - The effect of using uniform color matching
  • Vincent Design Studio | Singapore
    Vincent Design Studio | Singapore
    ABOUT PROJECT Project Name | Vincent Design Studio Project Location | Singapore Project Area | 360m² Application Locations | Walls, doors, cabinets, and overall ceiling-to-floor installation. We firmly believe that different art spaces can always bring different feelings of experience. This case abandons the most primitive style of office space, and makes full use of indoor space to build a mysterious and personalized atmosphere of light through the design concept of time. LANSEN's one-stop assembly solution, with a large number of designs and colors and flexible customization, meets the needs of all kinds of art space, and works with the design team to create an office space with wearing time. ▼INTERIOR SPACE Melinco colorful WPC decorative panel is selected to show the mystery of time and space. It is applied to the TV background wall. It is matched with the indoor orange sofa to show the flexibility of time and highlight the vitality of personality. It is also a symbol of modern, innovative and fashionable office space, leading the office experience atmosphere of young people in Z era. The size of the background wall decoration panel can be customized, and the external corners of the same color are perfectly connected, which is consistent with the background color of the wall, so as to improves the overall beauty of the space. ▼PRESENTATION OF PROCESS DETAILS The decorative panel adopts the same color external corner technology, which is fixed with structural glue, and is accurately constructed after in-depth processing. ▼AISLE SPACE The mirror reflection of time, added with the subtle mysterious light belt, blooms in every corner of the aisle, conveying the space concept of time. ▼FRONT DESK SPACE The cool black mysterious lamp tube shape adopts Melinco pure black decorative panel. The background plate and lighting plate of the front desk adopt the back slot bending arc process, which shapes the mysterious and personalized space color with the arc. The lamp tube shape is unique. The interior lamp color is matched with the white paint baking board, and the irregular arc not only improves the beauty of the space, but also stretches the height of the space. ▼OFFICE AREA The cabinet in the office area adopts Melinco oak decorative panel, which is embedded with orderly light bands, driving the flexibility and movement of the whole office area. The wood grain of the decorative panel is natural and clear, and the integral wall cabinet integrates comfort and taste, making the environment of the office area more infectious. ▼REST SPACE A good working environment is very important. This case takes time wear as the design concept, and uses decorative panels to reflect the flexible and mysterious space in multiple dimensions, making the office more casual and natural.
  • Seven Stars Gathering | Hongkong
    Seven Stars Gathering | Hongkong
    Seven Stars Gathering: Pioneering Eco-Village Project in Hong Kong Seven Stars Gathering is a trailblazing transitional housing project in Hong Kong, standing out as the city's first development centered around an “Eco-Village” theme. The construction is undertaken by the joint construction firm, with the Hong Kong Lutheran Church as the property owner, and the project is expected to be operational for about 5 years after completion. Project Completion and Settlement Occupying approximately 16,500 square meters, the project features 14 four-story residential buildings composed of 914 modules, providing 909 individual units expected to accommodate around 2082 residents. The units vary in size, suitable for individuals or families of 1-6 people, and include accessible units, with each boasting independent bathrooms and kitchen spaces. Sustainable Designs Inside and Out With an eco-village design ethos, the housing maintains a portion of the land for agricultural use. The project also includes community facilities such as children's playrooms and spaces for leisure sports, aiming to foster a friendly, cooperative, and inclusive environment. Rapid Delivery: The Three-Day Building Installation Miracle Construction for Seven Stars Gathering commenced at the end of 2022, and by November 2023, all MiC modules had been delivered. The assembly of the modules is now complete in Hong Kong, with the project on track for phased residency by the year's end. The key to the project’s swift and efficient completion lies in the use of modular integrated construction (MiC). The speed of assembly was enhanced by the use of eco-friendly WPC wall panels, allowing for the record-breaking construction time.
  • 2022 FIFA World Cup | Qatar
    2022 FIFA World Cup | Qatar
     In an ingenious solution to accommodate football enthusiasts during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar creatively embraced the use of Money Box—a modular container housing solution—to establish the "Fan Village." This vibrant village, fashioned from container houses that boast Chinese craftsmanship, showcases the nation's manufacturing prowess. According to Qatari representatives, Chinese companies supplied over 10,000 Money Box units for the World Cup festivities, with the majority sourced from regions like Guangdong and Zhejiang. The quality of these Chinese-made Money Boxes has earned Qatar's seal of approval for their exceptional quality.   The "Fan Village" features an array of brightly colored container rooms forming a welcoming and lively community for fans. Each compact, yet cozy cabin is thin-walled and can accommodate one to two individuals, fitted with amenities like a single bed, bedside table, small desk and chairs, air conditioning, and an en-suite bathroom with a shower. The walls are adorned with wpc wall panels for a touch of elegance. Fans conveniently find themselves a mere 40-minute journey from the pulsating heart of the matches—the stadiums—ensuring they don't miss a beat of the action.   This harmonious blend of convenience, sustainability, and comfort provided by the Fan Village not only enhanced the experience for the 2022 FIFA World Cup attendees but also demonstrated international collaboration and innovation in the realm of quick and efficient construction under commercial conditions. The success of the Fan Village stands as a testament to the feasibility and effectiveness of modular housing solutions in catering to large-scale events, marking a significant stride in the event-hosting industry.
  • Seasons Business Hotel |  Singapore
    Seasons Business Hotel | Singapore
    Embark on a Voyage of Design: Seasons Business Hotel In the exquisite design of the Seasons Business Hotel, a nuanced balance is struck within the space using a sophisticated blend of materials and shades of grey. The innately understated and cool temperament of grey conjures a sense of solemnity and professionalism, perfectly aligning with the essence of a business dining environment. Light traverses through decorative screens, casting shadows and highlights across the cool marble surfaces, introducing a dynamic dance of light that breathes life and energy into the otherwise serious ambiance. The intrusion of a bold red installation along the corridor disrupts the tranquility, creating a captivating juxtaposition that enhances the space's artistic appeal. Ceiling panels, mirroring the world below, expand the visual dimension of the space, lending a sense of openness and richness in depth. The insightful pairing of profound marble patterns with softwood grains imparts a relaxed yet masterfully orchestrated harmony within the space. Melinco's "Gia Washed Oak" graces the private dining walls, bearing a black and grey timber pattern melded with a washed-out hue reminiscent of rain, emanating an aura of power. This effortlessly concocts a retro-refined, starkly fashionable, and professional business atmosphere. Melinco's "Noble Blue" achieves an artful equilibrium between absolute black and pure blue. Possessing the elite aura associated with black while maintaining the elegance and vitality of blue, its application on cabinetry, in coordination with the "Gia Washed Oak," underscores a sense of business acumen and exclusivity. Deep grey presides as the primary hue within private booths, opting for a softer gravity than what stark black might impose. Engulfing the space, marble patterns blend with the grey timber undertones, offering a visual aesthetic that is both sleek and stylish. This thoughtful design scheme ushers in a comfortable and sophisticated dining atmosphere, defining the epitome of culinary elegance.
  • Korean Barbecue Restaurant design
    Korean Barbecue Restaurant design
    Upgrade design for restaurant space The Korean barbecue restaurant brand upgrade design puts customers first, focusing on their needs. The aim is to upgrade the visual design of the restaurant space with the aesthetic needs of young people as the starting point, creating a trendy, fashionable, and minimalist space. The construction is highly replicable and has the advantage of a short construction period. The case starts with classic elements of Korean culture, filtering the arch shape of Gwanghwamun - the "heart of Seoul," and the exterior outline of the "traditional Korean musical instrument" long drum. We simplify, reassemble, and construct visual symbols, interpreting the modern brand tendency with modern methods, to create a catering brand that can lead the trend. Geometry·Art Construction The signage of this Korean barbecue restaurant is constructed from large trapezoidal and cylindrical blocks, conveying a modern avant-garde sense of installation art. The methods are bold, the style is minimalist, and the momentum is full. The block-like construction leaves a deep impression instantly. On the side, the transparent light perception of the acrylic arc wall is just right, creating a sense of vitality and a delicate atmosphere. Bundles of light are scattered in an orderly manner, seemingly connected and disconnected, simulating the texture of pork belly slices on a slate. Minimalist style in light tones The interior space also adopts a light-toned, minimalist style, using Gooday's WPC wall panel. It differs from the previous Korean barbecue restaurant in style, presenting a young and fashionable new appearance. The front desk is the plus version of the long drum symbol, with a great visual charm of the super symbol. The corrugated acrylic reflects the hazy light and shadow, and the fun interaction between the interior and exterior begins at any moment, entering a soft world as soon as you sit down. The original wood color tables and chairs give a natural and comfortable feeling. The circular shape on the ceiling corresponds to the shape of the barbecue plate. A large area of solid color as the background doesn't pursue intricate designs, yet creates a simple atmosphere that young people like. Soft wood, hard steel The raw wood color and galvanized steel plate are balanced to create a cozy temperament and barbecue atmosphere. The rectangular opening in the wall is another unique connection between the interior and exterior. An unexpected surprise is created in the private space, allowing diners to peer into the wonder of the barbecue world. The kitchen and dining area are connected in the form of a door arch, giving people a ceremonial feeling of entering and exiting the Gwanghwamun city gate. It is another callback to the Korean barbecue brand's connection to Korean culture. Barbecue World The arch symbol reminds people of ancient city gates, and the glowing round plate echoes the original barbecue slate. The simple and atmospheric indoor and ...
  • Application of WPC Fluted Wall Panel
    Application of WPC Fluted Wall Panel
    How are you, everyone? Today I would like to show you the application of our fluted wall panels. By the way, we had a exihibition in Poland Trade Fair during Nov 30th to Dec 3rd. Our WPC wall panels attracted so many people to know more about these kind of new materials for interior decoration. We trust that there is a potential market in Europe. Ok, now let me show you some cases of application of fluted wall panels. In this case, we can see there are some model 160 fluted wall panels decorated with model 600 flat wall panels, which add more interest of this wall, and make it look more sense of level. That's a case for corridor and door decorated with model 176 fluted wall panel in solid white. Simple and elegant style make the interior space look more harmonious. Covering model 176 fluted wall panel on door, it can be unified with the wall design, which seems to make the door invisible, just a wall. At the first sight of this wall, it looks gorgeous. After gonging troughs at back of panels, it can realize the arced wall style. Decorating with this small outer arced fluted wall panel model 152, it gives you a sense of relax and comfort. And this solid orange color looks so vivid, which is perfect for this wall. Do you like metal dedsigns? They are really popular which seems like real metal, but actually it is  PET film laminated on wpc baseboard. This inner arced fluted wall panel model 165 in metal  design shows a sense of royal and elegance. Besides of above models, we also have many other fluted wall panel designs, and over 200+ color  options: wood grain, solid color, fabric, leather grain, marble and metal, six color series. Contact us to get our latest catalog and samples~!
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