• Parent child life experience Hall (UAE)
    Parent child life experience Hall (UAE)
    ·Entertainment area - effect of mirror wallboard and wood grain wallboard. ·Entertainment area - cream windboard in new color. ·Board game area - unified use of light color wallboard effect, simple and atmospheric. ·Lounge - matching effect of square tube products. ·Washing area - the effect of using square tube products on the ceiling is simple and atmospheric.
  • Shanyu Lake Villa (Canada)
    Shanyu Lake Villa (Canada)
    ·Living room - use simple same color light color wallboard collocation, elegant and generous. ·Bedroom - matching of wallboard and great wall board, harmonious and elegant color matching. ·Gym - collocation of great wall panel and new mirror wall panel. ·Entertainment area - matching design effect of color contrast between wallboard and 188 Decor panel. ·Stairs - unified use of white wallboards, simple and generous.
  • Green Island Kindergarten (Singapore)
    Green Island Kindergarten (Singapore)
    ·Parent waiting area - display effect of white great wall board ·Waiting area - design matching effect of using small great wall board and square tube. ·Classroom - combination of wood grain wallboard and PVC skirting line. ·Entertainment area - combination of light color and wood grain, cream style design. ·Ceiling - a ceiling with square tubes and childlike decorations.
  • Heshenglong
    ·Front desk stairs - the combination of stone grain and wood grain is simple and not monotonous. ·Exhibition hall - collocation of wood grain wallboard and square tube, and square tube decoration is used for the ceiling. ·Reception -collocation of pure color and wood grain wall panel. ·Viewing room - combined design of inner arc plate and white wood grain. ·Meeting room-wood grain series collocation, steady and magnificent.
  • Fuxi mansion restaurant project
    Fuxi mansion restaurant project
    · Banquet hall-Use pure white wood grain collocation, simple and not simple. · Lounge - use the same color wall panel of the cabinet, which is harmonious and consistent. ·VIP Lounge - use the same color wallboard to highlight the softness. · VIP Lounge - use the fabric series with exquisite texture. · Corridor - the effect of using uniform color matching

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