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Korean Barbecue Restaurant design Jan 09, 2024
Upgrade design for restaurant space

The Korean barbecue restaurant brand upgrade design puts customers first, focusing on their needs. The aim is to upgrade the visual design of the restaurant space with the aesthetic needs of young people as the starting point, creating a trendy, fashionable, and minimalist space. The construction is highly replicable and has the advantage of a short construction period. The case starts with classic elements of Korean culture, filtering the arch shape of Gwanghwamun - the "heart of Seoul," and the exterior outline of the "traditional Korean musical instrument" long drum. We simplify, reassemble, and construct visual symbols, interpreting the modern brand tendency with modern methods, to create a catering brand that can lead the trend.

Geometry·Art Construction

The signage of this Korean barbecue restaurant is constructed from large trapezoidal and cylindrical blocks, conveying a modern avant-garde sense of installation art. The methods are bold, the style is minimalist, and the momentum is full. The block-like construction leaves a deep impression instantly. On the side, the transparent light perception of the acrylic arc wall is just right, creating a sense of vitality and a delicate atmosphere. Bundles of light are scattered in an orderly manner, seemingly connected and disconnected, simulating the texture of pork belly slices on a slate.

Minimalist style in light tones

The interior space also adopts a light-toned, minimalist style, using Gooday's WPC wall panel. It differs from the previous Korean barbecue restaurant in style, presenting a young and fashionable new appearance. The front desk is the plus version of the long drum symbol, with a great visual charm of the super symbol. The corrugated acrylic reflects the hazy light and shadow, and the fun interaction between the interior and exterior begins at any moment, entering a soft world as soon as you sit down. The original wood color tables and chairs give a natural and comfortable feeling. The circular shape on the ceiling corresponds to the shape of the barbecue plate. A large area of solid color as the background doesn't pursue intricate designs, yet creates a simple atmosphere that young people like.

Soft wood, hard steel

The raw wood color and galvanized steel plate are balanced to create a cozy temperament and barbecue atmosphere. The rectangular opening in the wall is another unique connection between the interior and exterior. An unexpected surprise is created in the private space, allowing diners to peer into the wonder of the barbecue world. The kitchen and dining area are connected in the form of a door arch, giving people a ceremonial feeling of entering and exiting the Gwanghwamun city gate. It is another callback to the Korean barbecue brand's connection to Korean culture.

Barbecue World

The arch symbol reminds people of ancient city gates, and the glowing round plate echoes the original barbecue slate. The simple and atmospheric indoor and outdoor spaces use light tones and a minimalist style to construct delicate lifestyle scenes. Enjoying the barbecue activates the senses, making people feel at ease and comfortable. The "Korean Time Barbecue" brand restaurant on your taste buds combines an artistic atmosphere and trendy fashion. It brings the brand closer to young consumers and represents another innovative step in the brand upgrade.

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