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2022 FIFA World Cup | Qatar Dec 01, 2022

 In an ingenious solution to accommodate football enthusiasts during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar creatively embraced the use of Money Box—a modular container housing solution—to establish the "Fan Village." This vibrant village, fashioned from container houses that boast Chinese craftsmanship, showcases the nation's manufacturing prowess. According to Qatari representatives, Chinese companies supplied over 10,000 Money Box units for the World Cup festivities, with the majority sourced from regions like Guangdong and Zhejiang. The quality of these Chinese-made Money Boxes has earned Qatar's seal of approval for their exceptional quality.


The "Fan Village" features an array of brightly colored container rooms forming a welcoming and lively community for fans. Each compact, yet cozy cabin is thin-walled and can accommodate one to two individuals, fitted with amenities like a single bed, bedside table, small desk and chairs, air conditioning, and an en-suite bathroom with a shower. The walls are adorned with wpc wall panels for a touch of elegance. Fans conveniently find themselves a mere 40-minute journey from the pulsating heart of the matches—the stadiums—ensuring they don't miss a beat of the action.


This harmonious blend of convenience, sustainability, and comfort provided by the Fan Village not only enhanced the experience for the 2022 FIFA World Cup attendees but also demonstrated international collaboration and innovation in the realm of quick and efficient construction under commercial conditions. The success of the Fan Village stands as a testament to the feasibility and effectiveness of modular housing solutions in catering to large-scale events, marking a significant stride in the event-hosting industry.

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