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Vincent Design Studio | Singapore Mar 15, 2024


Project Name | Vincent Design Studio
Project Location | Singapore
Project Area | 360m²
Application Locations | Walls, doors, cabinets, and overall ceiling-to-floor installation.

We firmly believe that different art spaces can always bring different feelings of experience. This case abandons the most primitive style of office space, and makes full use of indoor space to build a mysterious and personalized atmosphere of light through the design concept of time. LANSEN's one-stop assembly solution, with a large number of designs and colors and flexible customization, meets the needs of all kinds of art space, and works with the design team to create an office space with wearing time.


Melinco colorful WPC decorative panel is selected to show the mystery of time and space. It is applied to the TV background wall. It is matched with the indoor orange sofa to show the flexibility of time and highlight the vitality of personality. It is also a symbol of modern, innovative and fashionable office space, leading the office experience atmosphere of young people in Z era. The size of the background wall decoration panel can be customized, and the external corners of the same color are perfectly connected, which is consistent with the background color of the wall, so as to improves the overall beauty of the space.


The decorative panel adopts the same color external corner technology, which is fixed with structural glue, and is accurately constructed after in-depth processing.


The mirror reflection of time, added with the subtle mysterious light belt, blooms in every corner of the aisle, conveying the space concept of time.


The cool black mysterious lamp tube shape adopts Melinco pure black decorative panel. The background plate and lighting plate of the front desk adopt the back slot bending arc process, which shapes the mysterious and personalized space color with the arc. The lamp tube shape is unique. The interior lamp color is matched with the white paint baking board, and the irregular arc not only improves the beauty of the space, but also stretches the height of the space.


The cabinet in the office area adopts Melinco oak decorative panel, which is embedded with orderly light bands, driving the flexibility and movement of the whole office area. The wood grain of the decorative panel is natural and clear, and the integral wall cabinet integrates comfort and taste, making the environment of the office area more infectious.


A good working environment is very important. This case takes time wear as the design concept, and uses decorative panels to reflect the flexible and mysterious space in multiple dimensions, making the office more casual and natural.

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