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Signing constantly! Meilin hui amazing appearance in China (Guangzhou) custom home exhibition Jul 09, 2022

From March 26th to 28th, the 10th China (Guangzhou) Custom Home Exhibition was successfully held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. Big brands gathered at the exhibition, and many brands in the field of whole house customization competed on the same stage.

In this important stage, Meilin hui with 1200x2800mm large solid plate amazing appearance, to show you a new brand image and design concept, and guests to discuss the development strategy, has been unanimously recognized.

Melinhui will integrate its understanding of the new fashion into the design of the exhibition hall, and the appearance of the exhibition hall takes the inclusive gray as the overall tone, highlighting the brand's atmospheric and simple style. At the same time, in the side aisle, the unique color matching with the personality of the new product board as an ornament, making the whole exhibition hall immediately becomes particularly eye-catching.

During the 3-day exhibition, Meilinhui attracted the attention of countless visitors by virtue of its extraordinary appearance. Visitors inside the exhibition hall surging, came to understand the guests in an endless stream.

In this exhibition, Meilin hui solemnly introduced the latest solid big board series, with a large size of 1200x2800mm, in line with the pursuit of modern design on the integrity of space.

The solid big board is made of bamboo fibreboard, which is mainly made of natural bamboo fiber, light calcium carbonate, high polymer resin and flame retardant high polymer composite, and is formed by high temperature extrusion. Its density is high, with super stability, at the same time is a super waterproof plate, fire retardant to B1 class.

At the same time, on the basis of the original PP, PVC environmental protection laminating, also added PET, PU and Korean cloth laminating, color is also further upgraded.

The appearance of large specifications shows the brand strength of meilinhui and the innovation ability of standing at the forefront of the trend. It can be said that every update is theaccurate grasp of the market trend of meilinhui.

In addition to single product samples for display, the layout of the space, but also built a number of different styles of home space, showing the connection of the living environment and atmosphere of the space samples, so that visitors can experience the real effect close.

Ultra high popularity, lively scene, is the majority of visitors to the exhibition of meilinhui  recognition and trust. As meilin hui is rooted in foshan, a famous construction city, we always uphold the service tenet of sincerity, professionalism and customer achievement.

Focus on the industry for many years, Meilinhui already has large-scale production, mature cooperation mode and all-round support system advantages, solid brand strength and quality products, design and service, so that many operators at the same time favor meilinhui high-end customization.

The exhibition is an important window to show enterprise strength and export brand image. Every time Meilinhui will do its best! Thank you for the meeting, thank you for trust! In 2022, we will continue to gather new strength and forge ahead.

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