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185mm outer arced 3d smooth wave fluted wall panel
185mm outer arced 3d smooth wave fluted wall panel
185mm outer arced 3d smooth wave fluted wall panel

Luxury Interior Wall Panel with 3D Smooth Wave Design - Model 185

Transform Your Space with the Chic 185mm Outer Arc Wall Panel, Perfect for Atmosphere-Enhancing Environments like Bars. Experience Effortless Luxury and a Revitalized Ambiance.

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    Chameleon Diamond Blue
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– Video Display –

These 185mm Chameleon Diamond Blue Outer Arc Wall Panels are designed to bring a touch of luxury to your space. Featuring a smooth wood veneer finish, they exude opulence with their rich, ever-changing colors. These wall cladding panels are more than just decor; they are the centerpiece of modern homes. Their timeless beauty transforms your interior spaces, adding a touch of luxury with their unique texture and architectural detailing. Perfect for bars, clubs, and more.

Product Description

– Overview –

Wood paneling is a fantastic way to infuse character, style, and texture into any room's walls. Within our selection of designer fluted panels, the 185mm Outer Arc Wall Panel stands out as a superb choice for breathing new life into your tired interior walls.

Not only do these panels showcase exquisite detailing, but they also offer easy installation and maintenance, making them a practical and aesthetic addition to your space.

Project Solution Capability
graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects, Others
Design Style
Wood-plastic Composite Environmental Material
Decorative Building Material
2.6-3m or customized
Package Type:
12pcs each bundle with carton,or according to clients requirement.

– Benefits –

+This decorative wall panel boasts thermal properties, making it an ideal choice for rooms where temperature stabilization is desired.

+Wall cladding panels are not only durable and lightweight but also of high quality, ensuring they stand the test of time.

+Wood paneling safeguards your walls against dents and scratches. Even if your wall cladding panel shows signs of wear and tear, it's easier to clean or replace sections compared to repairing drywall.

+Easy installation by a skilled professional means lower labor costs.

+Environmentally friendly, free from any added waste materials.

+Free from formaldehyde and harmful substances.

+Fire-resistant and moisture-resistant.

+High strength and resilience, less prone to damage.

+Easy to clean and resistant to staining.

+Offers thermal insulation, keeping interiors warm in winter and cool in summer.

+Simple installation for reduced labor costs.

Design Effect

This wall cladding panel is perfect for creating beautiful slat walls and ceilings, instantly adding a modern aesthetic to any room.

The fluted panel is designed for sound dampening, effectively reducing reverberation within the room and significantly enhancing acoustic quality.

The contemporary depp blue fluted wall panel effortlessly complement a variety of interior styles.
Installation is a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly transform both residential and commercial spaces.

Whether you choose to apply it to an entire wall or as a striking feature, the result is stunning.

Enhance various interior spaces with added contrast and character.

Currently, this product is available in three color options: Chameleon Diamond Blue, Chameleon Gray Charm Purple, and Milk Coffee

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.