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Invitation letter| 7.8 built in guangzhou fairmeilinhui sincerely invite you to tasting new products, together in the future Jul 08, 2022

From July 8 to 11, the 2022 Guangzhou Construction Expo will be grandly opened.

At that time, Meilinhui high-end wall customization will be presented at booth 9.2-30, Area B of the Canton Fair pavilion with

multiple new products, presenting a luxurious feast about integrated wall customization and gathering to enjoy the future for the

visiting audience.

As a mass customization manufacturer integrating research and development, production, sales and service, Meilinhui has been

highly recognized in the industry with 17 years of concentration. We always adhere to the attitude of superior to a number of

authoritative standards to strictly cultivate their own product lines, and constantly develop their product series according to

market demand.

Meilinhui brand new upgraded meilinhui core board, the base material does not add aldehyde, at the same time, the decorative

layer has antibacterial effect, can inhibit most of the bacteria in daily life, the antibacterial rate is up to 99.9%, so that in the daily

use process to reduce bacterial infection, is not easy to mildew, further care for family health.

In the pursuit of diversification, high efficiency and integrity, space integration has become a general trend. According to the

actual needs of the industry market, Meilinhui launched the integrated customization of doors, walls and cabinets to make the

matching of the same color feasible and find a new balance point between single products and complete equipment.

Ark of door wall is integrated, not only can be arranged afresh to dimensional order, let household scene got bigger change use,

still satisfied the individual character expression of habitant and visual experience.

Wall decoration as the focus of the space, the level of appearance is indispensable. According to the trend of modern design, the

seniorr & D team of Meilinhui will launch a number of new designs in this summer, including cream wind series, metal series

and PET pure color series, etc., and will be displayed in the exhibition space application scenarios, so that you can feel the

quality and appearance level of the new products.

All the wonderful things will be unveiled in Guangzhou Construction Expo from July 8 to 11. We sincerely invite you to taste and

enjoy the future!

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