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The successful conclusion of the 2022 Guangzhou Custom Exhibition, Merrill Lynch again on a new journey! Jul 09, 2022

From July 23 to 25, the 11th China (Guangzhou) Custom Home Exhibition was successfully held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo.

Big brands gathered at the scene, and many brands in the field of whole house customization competed on the same stage, which was wonderful. Meilin Hui attracted a large wave of audience by virtue of its strength, and the booth was popular and consulted in an endless stream.

In this exhibition, With the theme of "leading the trend" and "setting the appearance level home", Meilin hui made a grand appearance with the new upgraded US core board and "Light stone"series of continuous solid large board. The high-quality products and exquisite design scenes attracted unanimous praise from the scene.

A number of different styles of home scenes, showing the space samples connecting the living environment and atmosphere, so that visitors can experience the real application effect of Meilin Hui series products.

Integrated wallboard as a big hot air mouth project customized for the whole house in recent years, many shop owners have responded to the market consumption demand of the industry, resolutely inclined to introduce this project, and Merrill Lynch hui no matter in the product system, design effect or supporting mature help mechanism, give them enough confidence.

Joining Meilin Hui, we can not only have high-quality product guarantee, but also complete the leap from single category to multi-category integrated management. We can also enjoy a full set of team back-end services + operation support, so that each peer elite can quickly grasp the business password of the track leader, and have the brand industry dividend.

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