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New product | solid big board series, the aesthetic feeling of endless pursuit Aug 13, 2022

With the endless pursuit of extreme beauty,

Larger specifications of decorative materials appeared.

---- "Big Board"

Satisfies the modern people to the space
Larger, more beautiful, more comfortable home decoration requirements.


                                                     ▪ Specification upgrade -1200x2800mm

"Big" is a unique fashion.

Avenue to Jane, big Jane to the United States.
MeilinHui launched a new series of solid plates

Super large size: 1200x2800mm
To give the sense of extension visually,
Make the space more open, the overall decorative effect is strong.
At the same time, it integrates cutting-edge technology and technology,
Achieve a better performance experience.

Higher hardness, effective resistance to yellowing and scratching.
At the same time select a variety of materials texture as the blueprint,
Multi-dimensional reengraving of texture and texture,
To meet the needs of different space, different styles of decoration

Multiple design applications, personalized decoration customization

Design is to meet people's needs.

Solid large plate series
Designed for the pursuit of taste of life users,
Easy to control the modern wind, light luxury wind, Nordic wind and so on.

The large size holds the texture of the unique atmosphere,
Slowly spread out between the square inch, showering high quality texture,
Let the wall become the finishing touch of the space atmosphere.

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