Compound design case | integrated whole house custom metope, concomitant every sweet moment Aug 10, 2022

In the world of this road distant horse disease,it is good to have a simple and warm home. The

home regards emotional sustenance, it is the continuance of good relation, more the memory

that is full of time.

Because major person likes simple and practical decorate a style, then stylist is around punction

and  beautiful balance,tailor-made for its deltcate and do not break sweet home.

Ideal place - TV background wall

TV background wall as the focus of home decoration,designers in this set of cases deliberately used Meilinhui

small Great Wall board with modern popular marbling, suspended design more hierarchicalsense

atmosphere and look,

At the same time,  the platform and the side of the customized cabinet,to achieve a more generous

use of space.It not only satisfies the aesthetics, but also takes into account the needs of storage


Guest restaurant space design

Choose MeilinHui solid color series integrated wallboard,  can let the space visual effect to be expanded. Among

them, white is used as the main color of the space, which lays the key for the continuation of the

simple style.

Integrated wall panel can also better protect the wall in the home,full stability in future use,convenient

nursing,the unique attribute of its material to bring comfortable experience for the living environment.

The soft outfit is in line with the main style to further create a sense of rhyme and elegant living


Bedroom Space Design

In the creation of 3 bedrooms, according to the size and layout of each space, skillfully use the

different series of colors of MeilinHui for layout.

With the largest area of the master room,the choice of stable atmosphere of the gray style plane

plate+coated outer arc plate for connection and coordination,metal lines in which the outline of

linear decoration.

The whole background wall of the head of the bed with aninclusive attitude,achieve the quiet

pursuit of the hero Zhiyuan.

The 2 second bedrooms still follow the composed main style,to retain the classic collocation and

color,  add a little idea on the shape.  no matter who stays or comes here,  they will be able to

have a comfortable resting area.

In this case, it can be seen that the details are integrated into the combination of design and

functionalism,reflecting the true pursuit and love of life.And the home that such natural comfort

is full and high appearance level,  remembering the dribs and drabs of beautiful life.

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