Network red explosive outer arc decorative board, easy to create a high appearance horizontal background wall Aug 15, 2022

"It's not just decorative material,

It's a new interpretation of beauty."

Meilinhui covered film decorative line series.

180 outer arc decorative board,

Using a firm arch to soften the edges,
Let the horn of the space, more downy.

Good design always keeps pace with The Times,
And adapt to the trend of The Times to carry out independent change.

As an Internet celebrity decoration element in recent years,
Arches have been seen in every corner,
From classic Windows, arches, and shelving shelves,
Arrive again arch household furniture and adorn article to wait.

So in the hands of Meilinhui, the arch of fashion,
Also become the new inspiration source that dimensional metope designs.

Eternal beauty is often not tired of seeing.
Arch design, originally from classical architecture,
Therefore, from the visual, with a full sense of retro art.

Carefully add an upward curve to the wall of your bedroom,
Make the design feel very strong, smooth and smooth lines,
Have the effect that pulls up to spatial vision, reduce depressive feeling.

Instead of horizontal and vertical geometric lines,
Curves with radians are definitely more affinity,
Make the original monotonous space experience more gentle and soothing.

In addition to enriching the lines,
Meilinhui outer arc decorative board can also enhance the wall layer,
It plays the role of transition and division between space and space.

Whether it's the same color or a combination of colors,
The unconstrained imagination of life is conveyed to the fullest.

The pleasing smooth lines,
Let the deep and shallow dynamic circulation get a stretch here,
Injects life and vitality into the daily residence.

When the Meilinhui outer arc decorative plate
Skillfully applied to the molding of space,
Its unique form will become the most eye-catching character.

With the different proportions,
Against the light and shadow,
Retro and elegant, beautiful and practical.

The atmosphere of the space will be different,
But can always meet the present, your personality pursuit and aesthetic.

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