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Amazing!Senior gray + orange high-end residential real, modern Aug 08, 2022

The pace of The Times is in a hurry, the state of life is often tight.

We need to find a place to go,to regain the peace and joy of our lives,in the days that keep moving.

High-end residential real, the realization protagonist  ideal  bedroom.

Based on the aesthetic considerations of modern urban style, combined with high-end materials

and design handling complexity by simplicity, not only enriched the visual experience, but also to

create a sense of design of living space,make the space having a unique style, eye stunning.

The indoor guest dining room is connected as a whole, building an open pattern of modern family

life. The large-area application of the same color system integrated wallboard makes the integrity

and coherence stronger.

The combination of premium grey and vibrant orange,classic and trendy collision, Strong contrast

of  color will be theprotagonist's  pursuit of  fashion  permeated to every detail of the space, the

beauty of luxury.

Sofa setting wall the ground used deep shallow color transition with originality,the union of great

wall board and lamplight system, let metope have more visual change.

Three-dimensional modeling breaks the limitations of wall decoration,and auxiliary lighting further

matters the atmosphere for the surrounding environment. At the same time,  it adds light source

for the design of the whole house without main lamp, taking aesthetics  and practicability into


Design is not only to create space, but also through the construction of the ideal life field,and then

touch people's spiritual world.Bedroom space,as a private area,should be committed to outline the

contemporary city busy life comfort,create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Its is different from the rest of the space in the home,can have more special property,and integrated

wallboard also brings more ornamental sex for it, it is dry and drab white wall no longer only.

Having a home allows you to leave everything behind, isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle of

the world,and build your own free utopia.So let all the creativity and inspiration get here,get stretch.

In making to the bedroom, still continue the fundamental key of whole house.

The main tone of high-level gray integrated wallboard, the shade is appropriate,supplemented

by local three-dimensional modeling and lighting appropriate ornament,more add a few minutes

interesting and exquisite.

Design, achievement of a better life, and contain all your imagination to the world.

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