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DO YOU BELIEVE THEM? Five rumor about PVC Wall Panel Jul 09, 2022

As early as 2016, integrated wallboard has entered thousands of households and become an indispensable wall decoration material. As a combination of green environmental protection, zero aldehyde health, simple and quick installation, waterproof, moisture-proof fire prevention, diverse styles and other advantages in a new decoration materials, integrated wallboard suddenly "popular", so that investors in different fields smell business opportunities.

In the brutal development of integrated wallboard market, the shoddily made low-end gusset plate and model steel aggrandizement gusset plate also draped the name of integrated wallboard, carry on hype.

In the absence of "leadership" below the case, large quantities of low-priced wallboard with bad currency to drive out the trend of good currency flooded the whole market, resulting in integrated wallboard public praise decline. Because the transparency of integrated wallboard price has impacted the traditional decoration market, these shortcomings are also "well-meaning" traditional decoration practitioner infinite amplification.

ROMOR 1: Bugs in integrated

Super resistance and air permeability is one of the highlights of the integrated wallboard. The uniform air permeability can effectively solve the pain point of water leakage on the wall in the southern humid day.

But also because of its air vent, it is suspected that the use of insects. Merrill Lynch Integrated wallboard covers lead-free calcium carbonate, which is "insect and moth resistant". Secondly, when installing integrated wallboard, installation personnel do closing or filling treatment in the place of docking, similar to the closing treatment of ceramic tile.

ROMOR 2: Integrated wallboard is plastic

Every kind of wallboard raw material is carefully selected by our scientific research and technical team. For example, LG polymer resin from South Korea is an environmental protection material, which can be recycled and recycled, which is not comparable to plastic. Every piece of high-quality wallboard is not only inseparable from high-quality new environmental protection materials, but also rely on the best production technology and quality management.

Korea LG polymer resin as one of the auxiliary materials, can enhance the plasticity and stability of the plate, but this does not mean that it is plastic board. Similarly, ceramic tiles contain clay, quartz sand, etc., but this does not mean that ceramic tiles are sand bricks.

ROMOR 3:Integrated wall panels are all gaps?

In decorating material indoors, besides coating kind beyond, include cloth of ceramic tile, wall paper, wall to wait to decorate material to have gap problem, integrated wallboard is not exceptional also.

From the surface, when two integrated metope splicing does have flat seam, V seam, U seam and other modeling, so this is the gap?

The answer is no:The gap seen from the surface is actually the design model between two wall panels. The integrated wall panel with male and female groove structure is a good solution to the problem of the gap. It can also be installed with decorative lines to create a more delicate design effect.

At present, in addition to flat seam, V seam, U seam, the newly launched gap as thin as hair lock tight seam plate, the integrated wall panel male and female slot gap can almost control the gap to a minimum.

ROMOR 4:Can break is inferior quality?

Online "experts" say they judge the quality of the wall panels by looking at the color of smoke and cracking them with their bare hands. But in fact, this method to distinguish the quality of a wall panel is not comprehensive, the color of the smoke is related to the temperature of the fire; Pure wood of the same thickness can be broken by hand.

Early soft article, Small make up also shared with you, by looking at the surface, through the pores, look at the anti-counterfeit signs, smell, touch flatness, tear film to judge the pros and cons of the wall panel.

ROMOR 5:expensive?

In terms of product cost, many home decoration customers or investors looking for projects will ask: "Why do you merrill Lynch integrated wall panels are more expensive than other brands?"

Meilinhui wallboard not only pays attention to the brilliant decoration effect after the space application, but also attaches great importance to the user's health experience, such as the ultimate pursuit of zero aldehyde space. In addition, the wall board of Meilin hui also brings users easy to clean, scratch resistance, anti - ants and anti - moth good experience. Behind the good-looking, environmentally friendly and easy to use wallboard, is the excellent product team and design team, high-quality environmental protection materials and leading production technology. What we provide for users is not cheap wallboard, but the overall plan of wallboard with brand reputation and customized space.

A lot of "smart" consumer wants lofty to go up already decorate, want the price to be cheap again, what buy finally is undesirable manufacturer is processed with 2 times or the inferior material that recycle mastow make it.

From the point of installation cost, on the basis of flat wall wall, Meilin integrated wall panel can be directly installed on the blank wall, the wall requirements are low, the installation of the whole house only need 3-7 days, that is, the installation and living.

However, wall wallpaper, diatom mud and other decoration materials have very high requirements on wall walls, and it is necessary to do putty scraping and painting treatment first, which costs more in time cost, labor cost and material cost.

At present, there is still no unified standardization of integrated wallboard industry. Businesses will never lose money in business. There must be reasons for too many products lower than the market price. The truth of penny wise and pound foolish will never be out of date. When choosing or joining brands, you need to have a sharp eye and a golden eye, choose brands with authoritative certification and pay attention to product quality.

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