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Copper Flwoer Restaurant Dec 12, 2023

In the ebb and flow of time, destinies intertwine, and warmth often finds its place in the realm of food, creating an unintentional comfort. "Food" becomes the romance of life.

Culinary Delights and Spatial Harmony

The sensory experience intertwines with the ambiance, achieving a delicate connection at this very moment.

Inspiration from the Past

The design focuses on the entrance, dining area, and their relationship with the interior space, emphasizing the emotional design of borrowing scenery, touring gardens, and appreciating views. By showcasing the exterior while incorporating borrowed scenery techniques indoors, it achieves the artistry of creating a garden.

With its classic wood grain, this element closely approaches nature. Cleverly applied, it can exude warmth and comfort, as well as a restrained and sophisticated style, or even a rustic and pastoral charm.

The black-gray toned wood grain not only embodies an artful sense but also exudes a carefree and unrestrained freedom. Irregular textures, combined with the washed-out rain hues, convey a vintage refinement and a cool, fashionable demeanor.

Exploring the Scene

The borrowing scenery technique from classical garden design is applied to modern interior design, allowing the incorporation of natural landscapes into confined spaces. In this case, the introduction of verdant greenery brings nature indoors, providing a delightful experience.

For creating a garden-like landscape, greenery alone is not enough; wood-grain decorative panels are essential. Applying classic wood grain patterns interprets the design concept, constructing an elegant dining space that connects the senses with the ambiance.

While "Sandbay Oak" and "Jiya Water-washed Oak" have contrasting appearances, their qualities seamlessly blend. The extensive use of these two color schemes on ceilings, walls, doors, and custom cabinets not only adds depth to the overall space but also maintains a harmonious atmosphere.

Everything is constructed by light, and therefore, the restaurant's lighting not only fulfills basic illumination needs but also focuses on creating a dining atmosphere, bringing the space to life. The petite round ceiling lights on the "Sandbay Oak" ceiling panel resemble scattered stars, meeting basic functional needs while infusing the space with vitality.

These details extend beyond, with horizontal metal bars suspended on booths and some walls, complemented by warm lighting, allowing the panel patterns to subtly emerge, adding a unique brilliance.

The ubiquitous details contribute to the atmospheric sensation. In the ebb and flow of time, as destinies unfold, the subtle warmth and fragments found in food become an unconscious part of life. In this ambiance, people enjoy food and experience the romantic essence woven into the stories of changing times and fates.

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