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Congratulations! MERRY HOME has won the iResearch Award for "Top 10 Brands of Integrated Wall Panels"! Jun 01, 2023

On May 25th, the 2023 iResearch Award for Integrated Home Furnishing Brands was held at the Joy Hotel in Jiaxing. Mr. Lin Yue-neng, the general manager of MERRY HOME, attended the event and witnessed this moment of glory with nearly 100 guests from the wall panel industry.

At the iResearch Awards ceremony, MERRY HOME's high-end custom wall panels won the title of "Top 10 Brands of Integrated Wall Panels" in 2023, thanks to its strong brand influence and good reputation in the industry. The company shone brightly at the award ceremony. The iResearch Award is a highly respected and influential advertising award in the Asia-Pacific region, and winning this award is a great honor and recognition of MERRY HOME's outstanding achievements in the wall panel industry.

With 18 years of focus and accumulation, MERRY HOME has been committed to providing consumers with a one-stop solution for comprehensive wall decoration, insisting on a product-oriented and design-driven approach. With its strength, the company has proved its brand value and brought zero-formaldehyde living into thousands of households.

With strict control and continuous improvement of raw materials and production processes, MERRY HOME has obtained various authoritative certifications at home and abroad, including Swiss SGS certification, China Environmental Labeling Product Certification (Ten Rings Certification), and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. The quality assurance lasts for 20 years, and the products are sold in 49 countries.

MERRY HOME's high-end custom wall panels not only pursue practicality but also pursue high aesthetics, leading the trend of quality space with fashionable products.

Centered around wall panels, the company has enriched its 1+N product system with over 200 popular patterns and textures and has also developed integrated customization for doors, walls, and cabinets, further addressing the functional and overall needs of wall panel scenarios.

Behind every honor, not only does it showcase MERRY HOME's brand strength, product strength, and service strength, but it also serves as a testament to the company's industry reputation and consumer satisfaction.

Loaded with trust and expectations, MERRY HOME will continue to innovate and contribute to the development of the industry.

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