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This is the background wall for a child's room! The more I see it, the more I like it. Nov 08, 2021

Children are the heart of their parents, and parents of course want them to have a happy and healthy childhood.

Children room, not only but the treasure of the child daily play, study and rest private enjoy place, more containing all about growth

and dream memory. Therefore of children room decorate want to care more, enjoy to let the child belong to their good time!

In youth, color and pattern are the code for children to perceive the world.

Then in the design of children's room, simple three-dimensional modeling and warm and bright color became the first selection of

 space background wall.

The application of color in space has always been linguistic. It can not only convey cold and warm feelings, but also lay the foundation

for children's infinite association about the world and the future.Therefore, the style can also be selected according to the child's 

preference and personality, and tailored to meet more personalized creation.

This is the glamour place that uses mei core board to do setting wall exactly.

Choose mei core board in shallow blue, pace deep blue, the design and color such as bird of paradise saturation is high, can add the 

brushstroke of massiness for children room.

Simple and neat elements will carry all epitomes from childhood to adulthood .

In addition to the dreamlike atmosphere and bold design, parents should also keep a close eye on the quality of the materials used.

Only health can make children go further.

Meilinhui mei core board has always adhered to the use of new materials, no aldehyde addition, no heavy metal, and through the 

domestic and foreign authoritative testing certification. Comprehensive environmental protection guarantee will allow children to 

get better care in the process of growing up, with the appearance level and health of the dual living enjoyment.

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