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Modern commercial space | integrated wallboard achieve more likely Nov 08, 2021

Urban commercial space,More attention to the sense of design and experience.

How to break through in a crowd of ordinary storefronts?
How to gain joy and trust at first sight?
This requires us to work hard in decoration.

Trendy beauty salon


The texture of the store layout,
Let every client that comes in,
Not only have products and services here,
Also can get the visual further enjoyment.

Wall design is no exception,
Meilinhui integrated wallboard,
Let the wall effect show more charm.

Fashion clothing chain


Not only have a variety of color choices,
With three-dimensional modeling and lighting system,
Add more bright spot and vitality to the space.

Highlight personalized design highlights,
Carefully matched high-quality texture and color,
Everywhere for a variety of styles of space to lay the foundation

Star hotel chain

It is the free and changeable nature of integrated wallboard,
Designers can integrate brand culture,
Unyielding to ordinary imagination and creativity,
Realize stretch and blend here.

About the inspiration of the design,
Always from the needs of space and full of color and art.
Visually presenting beautiful forms,
Experientially convey a sense of comfort.

High-end beauty club

Integrated wall customization services,
Not only can manifest the unique pursuit,
Let the brand sincerity precipitation in this,
Let customers always feel the attitude they want to convey.

Children's playground

Commercial space as a place for customers to enjoy services,

In addition to achieving the refinement of functionalism,
Health attributes also need to be taken into account.

Meilinhui integrated wall panel, taking into account the appearance level,
And has the property of stability and gentleness,
It is undoubtedly the right choice.

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