"Space inspiration" MeilinHui 6 style A brilliant front desk design Aug 02, 2022
In recent years, integrated wall panels

It is widely used in commercial space and tooling fields.

Because it can better meet the commercial space
In the decoration style and modeling aesthetic high requirements.

And modern, simple, atmospheric,
It is the Meilin hui high-end wall
To let the commercial space to convey the aesthetic experience.

The front desk, as an important part of the business image,

It is the concentrated presentation of enterprise style and temperament.

From the top of the wall to the wall to create the overall atmosphere,
High-end atmosphere and Modeling design,
Delicate matching elements,
Let the whole space instantly let a person's eyes bright.

Simple wind of the foreground design,
The original elements are used to form the background color of the space

Wood grain, stone grain and leather grain,

Combined with the vertical three-dimensional Great Wall board,

Orderly, tangible.

In the quiet atmosphere

With a leaping vitality,

And then open up more creative boundaries.

Avant-garde and New and original,

Can also be the front of another stretch posture.

The use of metal elements

It's not just about real metal.

When it becomes the color covering the wall, or collides with the shape,

The unique artistic charm shows the spatial sense of personality,

You'll never forget it.

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