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"Simple style" MeilinHui unique curved shape of the front desk design Aug 04, 2022

Throw away complicated design techniques

Pure and Straightforward,

Thus the achievement of eternal classic and pursuit.

Adapt to the arc shape of the space

Filling the space and guiding the eye,

by virtue of lithe, bright atmosphere, it lights up the everyday.

Light, become another focus in the line of sight.

Through highly refined ideas,

Add a few strokes to the corners of the space

A vivid and interesting linear depiction,

Let the visual relation and level cooperate further upgrade.

Decorating commercial Spaces is a race against time,
Every second is an increase in cost.

Compared with other wall materials,
Integrated wall panels not only vary in style,
The installation can be customized.

Fast loading, environmental protection characteristics,
Greatly shorten the construction period, help quickly enter the business period

At the same time, its noise reduction, fire retardant, easy to clean and other characteristics,
It is also an important factor in determining its suitability for commercial space.

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