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Sofa background wall how to install just beautiful and durable? These 9 designs are recommended for collection Nov 29, 2022

Many people attach great importance to the TV background wall when decorating, but ignore

the sofa background wall.In fact,the sofa background wall is beautiful,and it is also a beautiful 

landscape. But if you choose ceramic tile, the shapeis inevitably slightly single; Brush the big 

white wall, after a period of time is easy to "unrecognizable".

Therefore, in recent years,integrated wallboard has become more and more popular in interior

decoration with its unique charm of good looking and practical.

Meilinhui integrated wallboard is mainly made of high quality substrate and covered with envir

onmental finish layer, so it has more diversified in the creation and collocation of color,including

tone grain, wood grain, cloth grain, solid color, metal and leather grain,  which is suitable for

different styles.

At the same time,it also has the exclusive matching three-dimensional modeling and light and

shadow system,which brings more flexible and changeable forms of expression for the modern 

sofa background wall in one step,and further realizes the pursuit of personality for the wall beauty.

In addition to beauty, we also need to have health protection.
In terms of environmental protection Meilinhui has been using high quality new materials for many

years,and has passed various authoritative certifications. It has zero aldehyde fast loading, which 

can meet the requirements of instant loading and living.

Based on the professional insistence and grasp of selected materials, Meilinghui has a significant 

advantage in hardness,density, moisture-proof, flame retardant, insect and moth-proof and other

core indicators compared with other products, and then can better protect the wall in daily life, 

effectively avoid graffiti, scratch, cracking and falling off and other problems, saving worry and


Through the effective control of the two main elements of material and design, the high-end

customization of Meilinhui wall allows the delicacy not only to adapt to the current spatial 

dimension, but also to shuttle the dimension of time, so as to accompany the residents in

each stage of life and spiritual exploration journey.

A beautiful and stylish home can have many forms of expression, but every detail conveyed in the

layout will be the taste and pursuit of the hero.

Therefore, in order to make the whole space more unified and harmonious, nature is to cover 

everything,the design of the sofa background wall can not be ignored.

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