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16 types of "Cream wind" integrated wall panel background wall, such a beautiful design! Nov 16, 2022

Romantic and comfortable, never out of style.

As a new collocation style that has captured countless young people, cream style, with its light

and gentle texture like cream, creates more light sweetness and space charm for home design.

The Cream style series launched by Merrypoint 2022 provides infinite inspiration for the realization

of personalized background wall customization.

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Background wall personalized customization

Occasionally, the texture characteristics close to the log will be used to introduce it into the interior,

so that people can enjoy the beautiful solitude of peace and quiet, and enjoy the ideal life at leisure.

The light warm tone is refreshing, bringing healing and relaxation.

The complex design and layout techniques are abandoned, and the visual effects are displayed in

a simple state,showing the natural connection and transition between regions.

Custom Background Wall Panels supplier

Happiness is often hidden in the details of life.

When the gentle and moving cream wind flows in every corner of the space, what unfolds is no

longer just the complicated self, but the real inner and deep exploration of meaning.

I love cream because I love the healing atmosphere it creates. Simple and gentle, enough to calm

the external noise

invasion, subtraction for life.

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