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【 Practical 】 the wall panel five maintenance methods Sep 09, 2022

In recent years, because of its health and environmental protection, beautiful fashion, fast

installation and other advantages,integrated wallboard has become the new favorite of interior

wall decoration materials,and has been favored by more and more people. Many owners may

worry about the daily maintenance of the wallboard will not be more trouble, but in fact, it is

very simple to manage. The following Xiaobian will take Meilinhui integrated wallboard as an

example to popularize its cleaning and maintenance knowledge.


Long time exposed to direct sunlight, will make the wall premature aging, affect the service life.

In the sun special foot days, it is best to close the curtains, avoid the wall panel for a long time

by direct sunlight.


Keep a proper distance from the stove, heater, etc. Continuous baking will accelerate the aging of

the wall panel surface.

prevention wear-resisting

MeilinHui wallboard surface is environmental grade PVC film/food grade PP film, thickness of 12-16 wire, general

scraping will not cause harm to the wallboard, but if it is hard, sharp scraping will cause some damage to the

wallboard, so in order to integrate the beauty of the wallboard should be avoided as far as possible.


Although the wall panel is easy to clean,but in order to ensure the service life,it still needs to be removed in time

to avoid infiltration of stains. If it is a common stain, as long as the cloth dipped in warm water can be dried;If it

is oil stains, you can use a rag dipped in a small amount of soapy water, detergent or detergent to wipe; If it's a

drink, medicine or paint, wipe it off with a soft cloth dipped in white vinegar.

dust prevention

Reduce surface dust adsorption. It is recommended to use a feather duster to dust the surface of the wall every

two weeks or a month.

Convenient management is a big advantage of bamboo fiber wallboard,which can basically save a lot of follow-up

time, but there are stains on the wallboard to pay more attention to.


Although the service life of high quality wallboard is longer,the color is durable,and the time is long,it will inevitably

accumulate dust, or accidentally stained with stains, only properly maintained, can the color last forever,as long as


The integrated WALLboard ON the MARKET at present is multifarious, the standard such as quality, dimension is

changed without unity. Meilin Hui independently developed the third generation of environmentally friendly

wallboard, committed to creating faster, safer, more stable and more beautiful new materials.

Using new material, Meilin hui third generation environmental protection wallboard is the user home

decoration peace of mind first choice.

Style customization is diversified, design changes life, quality highlights status.
MeilinHui, the first choice of style decoration

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