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Modern home sofa background wall, 6 styles of design Jul 20, 2022

The ideal place luxury space

The ideal state of home can be diverse.
It's built out of everyone's expectations,
The possibilities are endless.

MeilinHui modern sofa background wall design,
Based on the new decorative material -- MeiXin Board,
From design, modeling, technology, performance and so on
In many ways,
Repeated use of the poetics of space.

Even with simple elements,
Communion can be achieved in the imagination of the individual,
So as far as the eye can capture the intention and sincerity

How do find myself in a limited space,
Create your own spiritual paradise?

Meilinhui Mei Core board tells you,

First understand life, then make life.

Through novel decorative materials
Put unhurried order into the layout,
To design interpretation of all life insights and attempts.

The sense of belonging that you want is no longer discussed in general.

Every detail and quality consideration,
Both are intended to touch the pursuit of life and  Joy of the heart.

A novel chapter and method
Can bring long-term scenery for the future.
At the same time, the individual's spiritual expression,
So that the protagonist can rely on and aftertaste.
And the light, like a button for a scene switch,
Invest its indoor, it is to differentiate also is continuance.

Using a variety of angles,
To form a beautiful sight,
Restore the pulse and rhythm of life,
And then enjoy the quiet quality of home time.

Everything in the world, life.
Only the moment I step into my home,
To be free of the distractions of the outside world.

The comfort and ritual that we seek,
Hide already in the simple sense of everywhere at the bedroom.

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