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Beautiful, nobleness! 7 kinds ofnew Chinese style bedroom background wall design Aug 20, 2022
People study beauty throughout the ancient and modern times.

Each age has its own aesthetic pursuit.

But there is a beauty that transcends history
Will since ancient times the millennium cultural temperament
Into the new era of streamlined decorative pursuit
That is -- new Chinese style

Based on traditional cultural genes, reconstruct Oriental aesthetic life,
Want to have good-looking, the bedroom of noble gasagain,
Then it must be neo-Chinese style.

Especially the background wall can be the most effort,
Appearance level, texture, health is indispensable,
MeilinHui meixinboard, to meet the deep pursuit of living.

Bedroom decoration, mainly to comfort.
Choose solid color, cloth grain, wood grain and other elements,
Then extract the image from the unique scenery,
Customize a freehand spray painting.

The landscape ink rhyme, birds and flowers.
Naturalistic art is introduced into the process, blending and coexisting,
And three-dimensional modeling and the superposition of light and shadow system embellishment,
Is to create a tranquil and elegant, serene and extraordinary space atmosphere.

A sense of ritual in life begins with self-satisfaction
The new Chinese bedroom allows occupants to return to their home.

The arrangement of the interior calm atmosphere,

Also with a bit of natural and unrestrained freedom of the vast,
The reality gallops, the ideal is at ease,
Dull days, because of every minute of love and suddenly color.

New Chinese style, often pay attention to symmetry and harmony,
And the use of "circle" is the finishing touch.
A bedroom full of life,Destined to lead a way of thinking.

Let the gifts of time not be worn away.

As the city develops upward, space decoration will be more free,
Home, already can accommodate growth, also can place look forward to.
All the time, in numerous, and static in the heart.

MeilinHui Mei core board,

Let the new environment bring new vitality,
A golden age of possibility and ambition.

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