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  • Meilin hui new product -
    Meilin hui new product - "light stone" series, continuous grain solid plate Jul 07, 2022
    bamboo solid panel The polymer material and volcanic powder through full fusion,through high temperature  extrusion melting technology into one.ABA base material structure, high density, super stability, at the same time is a super waterproof plate, fire retardant B1 level. It is processed by PUR  high temperature bonding technology. Environmental protection, heat insulation,sound insula...
  • Is WPC panel safe for health?
    Is WPC panel safe for health? Jan 23, 2024
    In the realm of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) wall panels, a crucial concern is the formaldehyde emission. This blog explores the various factors influencing formaldehyde release and offers insights for consumers. 1. Factors Influencing Formaldehyde Emission: a. Brand and Origin: Different brands and international variations of WPC wall panels exhibit varying formaldehyde emissions. Environmental s...

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